4 Claiming our Total Capacity for Greatness

4 Claiming our Total Capacity for Greatness
4 Claiming our Total Capacity for Greatness

Aug 22 2022 | 00:20:02

Episode August 22, 2022 00:20:02

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Jill Loree

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As we humpty dumpty our way down the road of personal healing, we will increasingly come to believe that it’s possible to resolve our inner problems; we can put ourselves back together again…Our own heretofore-unheard-of successes fortify us with courage to go even deeper, exploring inner nooks and crannies where evil lurks. Level by level we go, traversing a spiral configuration until the circles become so small they converge into a point…

Then the way becomes so simple—we just walk out of the final turn of the spiral into the simplicity of love. When we fully embody what love really is, we will comprehend how everything is contained in that word…When the circles are still quite large, this simplicity doesn’t mean spit to us. At that point, everything is complicated by the machinations of the ego that believes itself to be separated from the oneness…

So in the beginning, our work must be focused on facing whatever negativity is within us: our faults of self will, pride and fear, our wrong conclusions about life, and our selfish, destructive attitudes…All this must continue as we roll forward into the second phase of our work: claiming our greatness….It’s time to get it back…

When we untangle all the threads, we realize that all evil is, at its untwisted core, made up of beauty and love. So it’s quite superfluous for us to fear evil. The devil in each of us was originally an angel…

The devil is our fear. It makes us feel guilty for the cruel and hateful workings of the mind, and for unpleasant feelings that show up in the way we act. It is only by staring directly into the headlights of our guilt and our fear—fully travelling through whatever inconvenient feelings smolder within—that they will disappear. Then the angel will show its face. Then we can move forward in claiming our greatness…

Once we stop squashing and denying these aspects of ourselves, and start genuinely transcending evil, we will gain back every ounce of vitality we had to inactivate in order to avoid looking at the evil. In the end, we lose nothing; what we gain is ginormous.

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