5 Facing our Deepest Fear and Unfolding our Greatest Longing

5 Facing our Deepest Fear and Unfolding our Greatest Longing
5 Facing our Deepest Fear and Unfolding our Greatest Longing

Aug 21 2022 | 00:22:05

Episode August 21, 2022 00:22:05

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Jill Loree

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It’s important not to push away our fears and longing when they surface; we’ll need to screw up the courage to feel the pain of our problems and turn toward facing our deepest fear. To be honest, that’s not what we usually do. We turn away and go on and on, one incarnation after another, dragging karmic ballast along with us. At some point, we’ve got to stop and face the music…

Let’s see what it would mean for us to personally experience this state of awareness and be in deep union with God…In this state, we have no fear. Our whole being is permeated with a sense of being utterly safe and at home in the world…You could say we feel cozy with life. Life fits us like a glove...The vibrational frequency of this state of safety bears no resemblance to a false faith Bandaided over faulty ideas…

It’s not that God isn’t always present—it’s that we don’t always know it…But if we have a felt sense of the reality of Christ, it will colorize all we see, touch, hear and feel. A glow of joy and peace will emanate from our being into our surroundings…Whether we know it or not, we want this more than anything else…

To be truly anchored in a genuine state of union with Christ is to be deeply anchored here, in the life of matter…We can’t reach a state of union by separating ourselves from our current existence in our bodies…In this state of union, opposites begin to come together; we no longer need to battle them. We will know our own power to heal and create…we’ll have a deep inner knowing that it’s impossible to cease to be, which is our deepest fear. There probably won’t be any clanging bells or flashing lights with this awareness…

It takes wisdom to realize that that highest, most exalted state of consciousness imaginable could never come quickly or cheaply or easily. We’ll need to devote ourselves to this task of cleaning up our own inner mud puddles.

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Gems, Chapter 5: Facing our Deepest Fear and Unfolding our Greatest Longing

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