2 The Evolutionary Process and Why We Can’t Stop It

2 The Evolutionary Process and Why We Can’t Stop It
2 The Evolutionary Process and Why We Can’t Stop It

Aug 24 2022 | 00:19:20

Episode August 24, 2022 00:19:20

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Jill Loree

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We may periodically have the universal dream of either riding on a train or being about to take a train, anxious that we may miss it, have missed it, or are getting off the train. So, do we follow the movement of the train, or do we stay behind? We have choices.

We may not always make choices consciously, but we do always choose intentionally. For instance, if we choose to go on a path of self-searching, hoping to find more meaning in life, we are making a choice. Just as we are making a choice when we choose not to do this…When we live any day as though it doesn’t matter, we are making as active a choice as when we decide to listen within and figure out what is going on…

Choices, choices, choices. Do we want to follow our inner evolutionary process or stay behind? We got options…Am I willing to be all-in? From one side of our mouth we may be saying ‘all aboard,’ but nevertheless, we’re holding something in reserve…

Let’s be realistic here. It’s impossible to always be following our inner movement faithfully 100% of the time. If we were that aware, we wouldn’t be here on this dualistic planet…Holding on to the false reality we create with our misconceptions about life, our strategic defenses and our illusory fears, somehow makes us feel safe…We’re lazy and easily lured by the line of least resistance. We particularly enjoy the illusion that there's no requirement to move along on our evolutionary journey…

The notion of an “illusory reality” may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s not. We constantly make up stories about life that simply aren’t true. This causes us to live in this temporary state of illusion…Strange as this may seem at first, there isn’t anything we experience that doesn’t need to happen exactly as it does. This isn’t because a God-in-the-sky is meting out punishments and rewards; that kind of thinking totally misses the point. Rather, our experiences are the net result of where we are on our journey…

To be angry, self-rejecting or impatient about where we are in our growth process is akin to a child being upset because it is not yet an adult…We stunt our growth when we’re impatient about our current state. We end up hating ourselves, denying this, feeling guilty and projecting this onto others. That’s how we cripple ourselves from expanding our consciousness—that’s how we miss our train.

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